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The US Press Champion Dune London

Monday, 20th October 2014

Earlier this year, our NYC Store in SoHo opened to great acclaim. And since then it seems the US press continue to fall head over 'heels' (pun intended) for Dune London, if the recent coverage is anything to go by. Below is just a handful of some of the fantastic coverage Dune London NYC has received ...

Dune London has caught the attention of the US Press if the recent coverage is anything to go by
Written By Dune Press Team

Tomboy Trend Alert: Cleated Soles

Monday, 20th October 2014

As we move into winter, the weather can get unpredictable - particularly if you live in the UK. Hence why we're all over Dune London's cleated sole style shoes and boots which ensure good grip on most surfaces (such as rain-strewn pavements). Not only do they stop you slipping up, they perfectly embody the 'tomboy trend' beloved by the likes of Alexa Chung and co.

Dune London's cleated sole styles will ensure you remain stylish and stumble-free, whatever the weather
We've picked our favourite styles to keep you stylish yet stumble-free this season ...
Written By Senior Buyer

Getting to know... Shoeshine UK

Thursday, 16th October 2014

Steven D.R Skippen is a man on a mission: to revive the lost art of shoe shining and inspire Londoners to take better care of their footwear. Currently based at The London Hilton and Sautter Cigar Shop in London's exclusive Mayfair, Steven's unusual technique of working with his bare hands has gained him a reputation not to mention a sizeable celebrity clientele.
Steven D.R. Skippen enlightens us on the art of shiny shoes

He is one of the few people to offer a special 'patina' technique which involves colouring the leather using dye. This can be used on a variety of leather shoes - not least Dune London's own men's and women's styles. We tracked Steven down to learn more about his craft and how we can keep our own footwear in tip top condition at home. He also shared some snapshots of previous shoes and bags to receive his patina treatment. (We might send him some of Dune London's shoes and bags to work his magic on next time ...)
Written By Online Editor
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