Winter’s on our doorstep, which can only mean one thing – where are those tall boots you’ve been dreaming about since spring? Well, you’ve lucked out – gather round to meet SIMONNE.


Styled above by Jessica Skye (who wears them in black), these boots are knee-high and crafted in soft leather with a wearable block heel. And here’s why you’ll fall head-first in love with them.
 1. Three colourways 
As there’s no such thing as ‘one colour suits all’, our knee-highs come in three stunning colours: black, brown (a.k.a. choc croc) and tan reptile. All suitable for work, all perfect for going out, all conveniently versatile.


2. Exceptionally made
The entire outer of all three SIMONNE styles is crafted in soft, durable leather, while the sole is resin. Add to this the sturdy block heel and the comfort within and you’ve got a boot you can wear year after year.


3. Stylishly shaped
A round almond toe for a refined look on the outside and comfort for the toes. A block heel for an on-trend, confident stance with a statement height of 9.5cm. Up to the knee – a flattering length which gives this boot the illusion of elongating the leg. Wide enough to wear over jeans, yet slim enough to remain graceful.
The design of this boot ticks all our boxes.


4. Easy to wear
Possibly the quickest things to get on aside from your slippers, the SIMONNE boots are slip-on for ease, minimalistic simplicity and a whole lot of comfort. Plus, they go with everything you own (think over jeans like a noughties Kate Moss or paired with a winter midi).

5. Ways to style
Take a leaf out of their book – our influencers give ample inspiration for styling your SIMONNE boots. Whether with black leather shorts, indigo denim or a knitted slip dress – these boots are your versatile go-to.