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Work It From Home With Olivia Faeh

Switzerland-based Social Media Manager Olivia Faeh has a passion for all things style and beauty that has won her fans the world over. We checked in – virtually, of course – to find out how she’s been styling it out at home.


We might not be able to "work it" in the usual manner, but we're not going to let that stop us. Say hello to our latest feature, Work It From Home. Each week, we open a door into the lives of our community as they reveal how they're styling it up from the comfort of their own home. Today, it's Olivia Faeh's turn.

Olivia Faeh on Work

On Work
"I moved to Zurich two years ago for a job as a Social Media Manager. Originally from Basel, I grew up in Australia and Asia until I was around 12, so I'm used to moving around, but I'm happy to have settled in Zurich - it's such a beautiful city. In addition to my job, I love creating content for my followers with a focus on fashion and drinking wine (daily)."

Olivia Faeh on Home

On Home
"This month we took the leap and my boyfriend moved in with me, so we are trying to blend our two households together. We're currently taking it one room at a time, but I am always on the lookout for new finds. I recently purchased an antique mirror which I'm obsessed with - you may have spotted it on my feed."


Olivia Faeh on Style

On Style
"I love to dress up but being at home has made me lean more towards casual styles. I want to be able to transition through my day and feel comfortable but still put-together. Knits, joggers or wide-leg trousers are my go-tos, finished with simple trainers or flats."

Olivia Faeh on Kicking Back

On Kicking Back
"Baths! I love them. With some wine and music. Recently I've attempted making my own jewellery. There's something very calming about having a finished product in your hands."


Olivia Faeh on Wine Time

On Wine Time
"Wine time is prime time! It's been so much fun filming our weekend wine tastings on Instagram. The things is, I don't know a lot about wine but I am planning to do a course when things go back to normal. In the meantime, pass the prosecco."

Olivia Faeh on the Future

On The Future
"Maybe a little sunshine. I've always wanted to visit Grasse in the South of France - the famous perfume town. I'm learning to appreciate life more and not take the little things for granted."

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