Our Corporate Social Responsibility
We’re changing our approach to business…
The Dune Group Foundation
We established The Dune Group Foundation to support causes that are personal and meaningful to our employees.
Not only do we partner with a headline charity for large scale fundraising events, we also distribute funds raised from smaller initiatives to local causes.
This year we’re proud to team up with YoungMinds who are ‘leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges’.
By striving to incorporate sustainability practices into our processes we hope to make a positive impact. We’re passionate about finding new solutions, reducing waste, and working flexibly and transparently to make a difference.
We’ve partnered with the reGAIN app encouraging people to live more sustainably by recycling unwanted shoes and clothes. Use the app to ship your unwanted shoes to reGAIN for free from one of 20,000 drop off points across the UK. They’ll be reused and recycled, and you’ll receive a discount code for 15% off your next purchase via the app.
The Little Things
At our London Head Office, our purpose is to promote the ethos that every little counts. By making small daily changes, we’re on course for a better future for not just our employees, but the wider world.

• All food packaging is 100% recycled
• Paper straws and paper cups are across all dispensers
• Glass milk bottles have replaced plastic
• Enjoy a hot drinks discount with a reusable coffee cup
• All individual rubbish bins have been removed and replaced with a dedicated waste and recycling area on each floor
Responsible Suppliers
We’re proud to have forged long-term relationships with all our factories and suppliers. They share our values and promote a culture of safety, support and training for their workers.