We want your Dune London shoes and accessories to look and feel amazing, and as industry leaders, we're here to tell you how. Administering the Dune 'CPR' will literally bring your shoes back to life. So, always take care to Clean, Protect and Revive all your purchased shoes and follow these recommendations to keep purchases in tip top condition.


Clean your shoes


Let's face it, you'll want to wear our Dune London Ladies and Men's shoes all the time. But daily grime can build up so cleaning and regular TLC is a must.

When cleaning leather (as well as patent or reptile varieties) it's essential to use a good quality leather conditioner and renovator. Maybe even try a little bit somewhere less obvious on the shoe, in case the colour is different. You can lift out stains and dirt on leather, and fabrics, with a dry foam formula or gel cleaner. Do bear in mind that natural leather will age and fade with wear and the colour and texture can vary.

Extra care should be taken when cleaning suede and nubuck uppers, but a suede brush with the appropriate cleaner should do the job. For stubborn stains on suede or nubuck, use a traditional rubber cleaning block in a gentle manner

Clean marks off fabric, canvas or denim shoes by delicately spot washing with tepid water and a soft old toothbrush.
Cleaning products are not recommended for ponyskin and satin (or other very delicate fabrics) so opt for a protective spray. If a sneaky patch of dirt does appear, brush gently with soft bristles.

The type of brush you use will depend on the fabric to be cleaned. A natural fibre brush for leathers, and soft metal or rubber bristles for suede and nubuck.
If the inside the shoe needs a bit of sprucing up, replace insoles with foam or leather ones which will also enhance comfort, and use an odour killer to leave them smelling like roses.


Protect your shoes


Traditionally, polishing shoes has been the most effective form of protection. You can use a tinned paste or wax polish to nourish or a cream (which come in a variety of colours) to moisturise. Don't forget to buff them up with a brush and cloth to produce a dazzling shine on leathers.

For a quick pick me up, go for an instant shine sponge which is perfect for all leathers and synthetics. Guard against stains and water with a spray protector, suitable for leather, suede and nubuck.

Regular use of a protective spray on suede and nubuck will help guard against staining and water penetration.

A healthy dose of common sense comes in handy when dealing with shoes with diamantes, beads, bows, and sequin detail. All our adornments are applied by hand and are therefore delicate in nature. Therefore they may fall off if worn in harsh conditions or where continual rubbing occurs. For this reason, we include extra adornments to ensure your party pieces stay beautiful well beyond the season.


Revive your shoes


We love designing killer heels, and thin heels with iddy-biddy heel tips are often a feature of fashion forward footwear. You may want to replace your heel tips on a regular basis to prevent more serious damage to them. Do so before they wear down to ensure your favourite ladies shoes stay party perfect. We include spare heel tips with most of our styles.

Leather soles are a natural product and are porous in wet conditions. After a period of time, the sole will wear away (even in normal conditions) making it necessary for the sole to be repaired, or for you to treat yourself to another pair.

Don't forget to fill in scuffs and scratches with a scuff cover, and purchase new laces if the old ones get too ragged.

Keep your shoes neatly tucked away when not in use, maybe even in one of our dust bags away from direct sunlight, and don't forget to maintain their shape with a shoe tree. Use a shoe horn for ease and to avoid forcing damage on the heel.

If your shoes do need repairing, it's all about the timing if you want to prolong their life. Please don't leave it too long which could induce damage to the shoe construction.


Accessories CARE




Store your bags in the Dune London woven dust bag . When your bag is not on display/being worn, protect it with the Dune London dust bag that comes with every bag or purse purchased. Our dust bags will protect embellished styles from being snagged and beads being pulled off too. Don't forget that our embellished evening bags do also come with spare sequins / beads if any do come away (due to the delicate nature of the handmade product).

Fill the bag with stuffing to help it keep its shape and prevent wrinkles and creasing. A couple of packets of desiccants, like silica gel, prevent dampness from ruining a bag. Air out the bag periodically to prevent mould, and always store leather bags in cool, dry places, and in containers that allow air flow. Plastic bags or containers should not be used.

Our care products can be used on all suede / leather products, so using the Universal Protector when you buy the suede bag will protect the bag before you start to use it.

Provide daily care of your suede handbag. Gently brush it with the suede brush to remove any dust and dirt particles it may have picked up during the course of the day. Brushing the handbag also restores the nap to its original direction.

Remove spots with a hard rubber eraser. If this doesn't work, you may need to purchase Universal Cleaner. Follow the specific directions on the cleaner to remove any spots.

Keep a suede handbag dry. If the handbag does get wet, blot the water spots with a soft cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Let it air dry the rest of the way, then brush it with the suede brush.


Faux Fur


Never tumble or heat dry faux fur

Spot wash places that need it first, and machine wash only if necessary. Use cold water, a little bit of detergent. Hang dry and lightly brush the fur in the proper direction before hanging to dry so it will retain the pattern/direction of the fur, if needed.

Keep faux fur away from open flames, heaters and radiators as the synthetic fibres will melt.

Sun will fade both the linings and fur if it is exposed left exposed, so be sure to store in a closet or away from windows.




Protect jewellery from tangling by storing in the Dune London satin pouch / sunglasses in the protective hard case / watches in the gift box, that are provided with purchase.


And finally... our top tips

When it comes to shoe-care products, always read instructions carefully, and remember that different materials require different treatments.

Wet shoes should always be left to dry naturally – never by artificial heat. Use a shoe tree to maintain the shape.

If possible, don't wear the same pair of shoes two days running. Give them a rest and allow moisture to evaporate.

Wearing socks will help reduce perspiration, therefore protecting the inside of your shoes. However, fashion comes first, so make sure the socks are bang on trend too.

Don't over polish your shoes as this can lead to cracking


Although shoe care products aren't yet available to buy online, you can find a full range of products at selected Dune London STORES. Why not get the whole lot and make sure your shoes always stay tip-top.