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How does it work?

Dune London's Media Carousel and Gallery works to redisplay pictures of you looking wonderful in our product, both submitted and approved by you. Visitors to the Dune London website and select websites who sell Dune London (i.e. John Lewis) get to see how you are wearing your shoes and accessories and can shop the look at the click of a button.

I’m in. How do I get involved?

Submitting your photo is easy. Simply tag us on Instagram with @dune_london or upload directly using our uploader button and our teams will take a look at your photo. Unfortunately we cannot use every photo we receive but our moderation teams will do their best.  If you have uploaded via Instagram, look out for a comment from @dune_london under your initial post which will ask for the rights to feature it. If this pops up, simply comment back with #YesDuneLondon and this will expediate the process.

What if I don't want you to use my picture?

By following the process outlined above and granting us rights to use the photo, we hope that you will be happy with having your photo featured. In the instance that you’re not, please either click the Report Photo button found on the image which will flag that you do not wish us to use it. In the instance that the photo remains live for longer than 24 hours, feel free to contact us on and our teams will remove the image.

Can I report an image or video?

If you spot something that you think isn't in keeping with our standards, please report it to us using the Report Photo button. We keep all reports completely confidential. If the image meets our standards or you are not the owner of the image, we will take your feedback into consideration but may want to keep the image in place.

I posted on Instagram and tagged @dune_london but I can't see my image on the Dune Site?

Unfortunately we can't use every image posted on Instagram but as mentioned, we will try our best. To increase your chance, please ensure that your photo is clear and crisp, square or portrait and shows the product clearly.

If I delete an image from my Instagram account or change my settings to be private, will the image be removed from the Dune London website?

No - removing a post or changing the settings will not remove the image from our site. If you do want the image removed, remember to please use the Report Photo icon or email us at