In meteorological terms Autumn begins on 1st September. Astronomers however, base the date of the seasons upon celestial events, in this case the autumnal equinox, when night and day are roughly equal length and normally takes places around 21st September. But as the earth follows its path around the Sun, Autumn usually means there’s a nip in the air, dew on the grass and your mind slips out of the pool sliders and espadrilles of the sunny days of July and August and into the wonders of the new seasons boots.

September and October takes us through to the fur-lined, snow-proof Winterwear, with the ever practical ankle boot. Dressed up in the form of OLYVEA in pink suede and high block heel to OCTAL, in luxe suede with studded details and a solid low heel. So as Autumn takes over, so does the transition boot.